December Survivor of the Month: Rob Taub

As a journalist, Rob Taub knows the importance of facts. But for years, he rejected the truth about his own health. When his kids put his picture on the refrigerator, Taub looked at the 240-pound man in the photo and refused to believe it was him. “I was living in denial … absolutely,” he said.


Statement: AHA Asks New York City Council to Protect Kids’ Health and Stand Up to Big Tobacco

The American Heart Association maintains that flavored tobacco products are reversing decades of progress in reducing tobacco use among youth and worsening the persistent disparities regarding addiction among communities of color. In April of this year, we joined the Flavors Hook Kids NYC campaign and expressed support for two pieces of legislation in New York


NYC doctors to present at Scientific Session 2019 this weekend

This weekend in Philadelphia, PA doctors from around the globe will gather at the American Heart Association’s annual Scientific Sessions. The three-day conference attracts Nobel laureates, world renown researchers and healthcare providers to shape the future of cardiovascular science and medicine. Two researchers from New York City are among those whose work is expected to

hidden Love at the Heart of World Stroke Day

Love at the Heart of World Stroke Day

New York City Stroke Survivors Celebrate World Stroke Day Stefanie Cohen, 32, and Pierre George Bonnefil, 61, are a generation apart but they have a lot in common. They both live in New York City, they both have rewarding careers, and most importantly, they are both stroke survivors who credit their significant other for saving

hidden November Survivor of the Month: Ira Goodman

November Survivor of the Month: Ira Goodman

Ira Goodman woke up in the middle of the night drenched with sweat. His head pounded like nothing he’d experienced in all his 31 years. The room spun and he felt extremely nauseous. He’d eaten an enchilada the night before, so he figured these were symptoms of food poisoning. He stumbled to the bathroom, vomited