David Langer, MD, Chair of the Department of Neurosurgery, Lenox Hill Hospital Northwell Health. New York, NY March 19, 2018 — The American Stroke Association, a division of the American Heart Association, will host its second-annual CycleNation on Thursday, March 28, 2019 from the top of One World Trade Center. This year, David Langer, MD, Chair of the [...]

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New York City, February 19, 2019 — The American Heart Association, the world’s leading voluntary health organization devoted to a world of longer, healthier lives, is proud to announce that Emmy Award-winning actress and New York Times best-selling author Susan Lucci will deliver the Keynote Address at the 2019 NYC Go Red for Women Luncheon on Friday, March 8, 2019. [...]

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Depression after stroke common among black, Hispanic survivors

For the nearly 800,000 people who experience a stroke each year in the United States, the aftereffects are likely to be life-changing. Often, it's the long-term physical complications that get the most attention, problems ranging from temporary weakness or permanent paralysis to difficulty swallowing, talking or thinking. There are frequently psychological obstacles, too, according to new research that found about [...]

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NYC-based companies rally around the American Heart Association’s mission to be a relentless force to create longer, healthier lives

Life Is Why We Give™ campaign helps consumers support life-saving research and education during American Heart Month For immediate release New York City, January 31, 2019 — Every 40 seconds, someone in America has a stroke or a heart attack. Heart disease remains the number one cause of death, and while progress has been made, stroke is still the number [...]

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American Heart Association applauds Tobacco 21 proposal, wishes for more healthy school initiatives in proposed 2019 state budge

For immediate release ALBANY, January 15, 2019 — Today’s State of the State signaled an important step in the campaign to protect New York’s youth from the dangers of smoking and e-cigarette use. By raising the minimum legal sales age for tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, New York State can change the narrative pushed on youth by Big Tobacco. “Electronic cigarette [...]

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Ethnicity a ‘risk-enhancing’ factor under new cholesterol guidelines

As in most things, family matters. Specifically, your family's ethnicity could make a difference, at least when it comes to cholesterol and your risk of having a heart attack or stroke. In a recent update of cholesterol guidelines, a national panel of scientists and health experts stressed a more personalized approach to risk assessment, diagnosis and treatment. But for the [...]

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How to sneak in healthy physical activity during a sedentary work day

Too much sitting around can bring heart health risks, but when your job has you sitting all day, what do you do? "Sit less, move more," is the simple advice from Deborah Rohm Young, chair of the panel that wrote a 2016 American Heart Association advisory published in the journal Circulation. The AHA recommends adults get at least 150 minutes of physical activity a week. [...]

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Hair isn’t the only thing getting trimmed at these black barbershops

Barbershops in the African-American community could help men reduce and control their blood pressure, according to a new study. The research showed long-term reductions in blood pressure among customers who met periodically with pharmacists at 52 Los Angeles County barbershops. Published Monday in the American Heart Association journal Circulation, the study spanned a total of 12 months and followed up a [...]

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Staying quit: How to stop smoking for good

Nobody knows who first said, "To succeed, you first have to fail." But it's a phrase many smokers likely relate to. About half of all smokers try to quit each year, according to federal data. But only about 7 percent are successful. "We've heard about people who say, 'That's it!' and they stop for good. But that's pretty rare," said [...]

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Energy drinks, cramming for final exams could be unhealthy mix

Final exams – and the ensuing all-night study sessions they cause – are looming large for many students across the country. But reaching for energy drinks to perk up those drooping eyelids and boost study performance could do more harm than good. Recent research shows just one energy drink can affect blood vessel function. And other studies have shown these [...]

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